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About Sanbok
With the rising of every new dawn, a new Harvest of Sea foods from the warm waters of the Gulf Sea reached yet another harbor, another market, another table....another day begun caressed by the shamal winds of the deserts with it. One by one the Sanbok shadows across the Eastern Province shores came to rest to their ports, leaving their day behind in the harbor.

It was at this point of daily laboring that local entrepreneurs, Seafood Lovers of course, decided it was time to give the inhabitants of Al-Khobar a true identity of flavors for everyone to enjoy.

With freshness in mind, experienced professionals in the field were sought across Europe and the Asian Continent, with a pinch of Far Eastern, to combine culinary delights to become what nowadays every customer enjoys within, Al Sanbok Restaurants. The ritual has not changed since early days the abundance of the sea and the shadows of Al Sanbok sails can still be seen day after day....SO CAN THE QUALITY PROMISE OF OUR TOTAL COMMITTMENT TO OUR CUSTOMERS. We remain a pilgrimage of Seafoods Destination committed to give the "Ultimate Dining Experience" Support our cause....do pay us a visit, whatever your fancy, whatever your choice, we'll make it MEMORABLE one....

Al Sanbok Restaurant,
Dhugaither Island,
Khobar Corniche- South End,
Saudi Arabia.

Tel: 920008000
Fax: 013 881 4994